Lego Snowglobes

Winter Activity....Gift... or Service project

Lego Snowglobe

Miniature scenes at Christmas are adorable and dreaming of snow seems to be universal.  So I helped a group of young women ages 14-16 make these snow globes as a service project for a local children's hospital.  What I love about this version of a snow globe is that the mini figures can be taken out and played with and put back in the if you are doing this with children or grandchildren you can use Lego minifigures you have at home and make various snow scenes.  Or you can purchase knock-off mini figures like I did from Amazon and make globes to give away.

1. Gather Supplies -

Mini figures - I purchased a 20 pack of minifigures for my project.

Bottle Brush Trees- I purchased a 2 size multipack from Micheals (with a discount coupon) but a pack is available on Amazon.

Tacky putty and red ribbon from where ever I am shopping at the moment.  

Silver bells from the Dollar Store.  

Mason Jars, and Sugar from my pantry. 


2. Stick a ball of putty for each mini figure or tree you have onto the lid of the mason jar.  Then press your minifigure/tree into the putty.  The sugar will cover this and I like to make a good size ball so that the tree and mini figure are just standing in the snow not drowning in it.

3. Add about a 1/4 of a cup of sugar to the jar.  You can use a variety of craft snow to make the snow globe even fancier but we were watching our costs and trying to make sure it was safe for children in the hospital who will open them to play with the Lego guy.

4. Screw the cap on. Tip upside down.  Wrap a ribbon and bell around the base if you wish.

When you open the globe to play with your mini figure just pull the putty off - wipe the sugar away- re work the putty into a new ball and restick your lego guy to put him back in the snow.