Family History GOOGLE Tip - AROUND command

This is a very little known Google Search tip but is immensely helpful to anyone doing Google search on a name!  When you put two words into Google the search returns can be with the two words anywhere on the website page.  When searching for a name like Mary Hillidge, I get millions of results with webpages that have Mary (the most common name in US history from 1890 to 1940) with Hillidge somewhere on the webpage.  I could get more specific and do a Google search with quotation marks forcing Google to search for "Mary HIllidge" the two words to be right next to each other.  Helpful and better - but best is this little trick.  If you type AROUND with a number in parenthesis then Google will give results that are far more significant.  This allows for Mary Hillidge with middle names, initials, or maiden names to come back in the search results.  I love this trick!  It looks likes this in the search box

Mary AROUND(3) Hillidge

No quotation marks - just be sure to capitalize the command AROUND -- you can change the number in the parenthesis to the number of words you would like in proximity.  Give it a try!  Good Google searching!! -- Catrina