Family History Tip - County History Books

In the late 1800's a burst of interest in documenting history and people began.  In many places this interest coincided with the nation's centennial celebration of 1876.  Last week we looked at finding old books that have been digitized and how to search for them.  Today we can find county histories and search them for information that can help break down brick walls.  Most county histories had two sections written - one gave the history of how the county began and evolved, the other section listed families that moved, settled, or lived in the county,  Often times where the family had come from was given with parent's names.  Some county histories were prolific in listing of families and some not,  It's worth looking in the area your family lived to see what you can learn.

Some great places to find county histories -- - it's crazy but this little know database has county and town history links sorted by state.

Google books (see my post on how to find google books)

FamilySearch Digitized Books.

Internet Archive

The county itself often has a historical society that has publications. Do an internet search for the county. You won't be disappointed at what you learn about the area your ancestors lived. ---Catrina