Familysearch Duplicate Records

Last week I shared my excitement about family history being done while you sleep in this blog post.  I alluded to the fact that you will run into records that are duplicates. If you look at this image you will see that a Tennessee marriage for my ancestor is listed three times. 

Duplicate Records in Familysearch

If you click the blue box next to each of them you get the information on that record.  It is possible that each of these was a marriage in Tennessee at different times in William's life to different spouses.  When I clicked on each box I found that all three records were the same date with the same spouse listed.  They are in fact duplicates.  This happens for a variety of reasons.  Some records get saved at different levels as you see here.  State and County records that duplicate each other.  Some duplicate records occur because the same information has been filmed and indexed more than once.  Whatever the reasons the problem is the same.  Once I have the marriage record attached as a source what do I do with the other records.  Drumroll...... you attach them too.  The Familysearch program is working in such a way that if you don't attach a record (duplicate or not) to someone then the program keeps looking for a match to the record.  If there are 6 versions of a death recorded and they are all your ancestor attach each of them as a source.  You will have 6 sources of the same event but that's ok. It's an awesome problem to have records and hints that come to you while you sleep!