Favorite Things

It is the time of year when we share our favorite things hoping to spark a good idea for gift giving for the special people in our lives.  Here are some of my favorite things right now. I hope you find an idea that makes your gift giving a little less complicated!  As a disclaimer I should mention here that I do immense amounts of my shopping on Amazon -- its my first favorite thing.

Amazon Prime - I love that I can shop anytime I remember something needed but my favorite thing about it is the ease of shipping to others for free.  I send gifts through Amazon to extended family living in another state - I send needed items to my missionary-- all for free!  Most of my favorite items are found at Amazon because I love how easy it is!

Sanuk Shoes -- LOVE - so incredibly comfortable and in so many darling patterns.  This scribble pattern is my current favorite-- but I love the dot versions too!

Something else on my can't do without list -- Tablet Stand - This is the one I have in my kitchen right now - I love to have a movie or tv show on my iPad when I am doing dishes or chopping veggies.  It makes life super great.  The stylus also helps when your hands are wet or messy so you don't have to gunk up your screen.  It can be bought here.

I have love the craze for metallics all around us right now.  So these Sharpie Fine Point pens are perfect to add a touch of metallic to any project. 

I also love silver jewelry and I think this is classic and trendy at the same time-- is that possible?  Good news is that this little necklace comes in silver and gold for anyone's preference.

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Good luck shopping and gift hunting -- Catrina