Family Game Time coming up!

Thanksgiving is almost here! That means game time at our house...not football but family game time!!!  This is a lesser-known but our current favorite game.  What we love about this game is the ability to visit and laugh while playing it.  It isn't super serious and doesn't require excessive concentration.  Our youngest daughter can hold her own with Grandma and Grandpa!

Play Nine is a card game for 2-6 payers where you try to get the lowest score in a quick hand.  There are nine hands and the lowest score at the end wins. Play Nine is hard to find so I usually buy a box to have on hand for a gift when I need one since I can't buy it around town.  It is available at Amazon and I have seen it occasionally stocked at Deseret Book stores.  I hope your family has some game time coming up during the holidays!  I love the memories of laughing, playing, and of course eating!