FamilySearch: Record Hints - what to do with them.

FamilySearch Record Hints

Record HInts in the FamilySearch program are awesome!  It means sometime while you were sleeping a computer worked on your family history.  You love this because it saves you time.  The blue boxes on Familysearch show record hints are waiting for your ancestor.  You can see these boxes in the tree view or you can see the record hints listed on their person page.


From the person page of an ancestor with blue boxes you look at what the record is that Familysearch thinks may be a match to your ancestor.  REMEMBER - this is  computer generated help and not all record hints are matches...super important to remember. 

Look at the record by clicking on it - you now decide if this is your ancestor based on the known facts of information you already have.  If you think this is your ancestor then click "Review and Attach" and further look at the record.  If there is an image to be seen, click "View Image". ALWAYS look at it since it will give you more information than the indexed portion.

If you do not think this is your ancestor simply click "Not a match".  This is just as important as finding matches.  This helps the computer generated hints look for someone else that the record belongs to - it puts the record back in the sorting batch and tells it to find someone else.  IF you click "not a match" when it possibly is your ancestor this will cause problems in the record matching feature so check this closely.  

Last - what do you do if you don't know?  Easy -- leave it - don't click anything -- wait for more discoveries on the person and other information that will help you make a decision down the road. Just because the blue box is there doesn't mean it has to go away.  Let it be a note to you to come back later and look again. 

Now the hardest part of Record Hints -- Duplicate records-- the same record is listed 2 or3 or more times in my record hints like in the example above - what do I do? More coming up in the next post!