Halloween Game - Face your food fears

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Yesterday was my daughter's class party - 5th grade is a tough age to bring a game too.  They have seen a few in their day and are much more sophisticated in their expectations.  I took a version a friend of mine did the year before.

To prep I put each item in small plastic containers and had spoons enough to throw away each time a person tasted on each turn.  No double dipping for sanitary reasons!!  I folded card stock and wrote the number and the yucky version of each item to sit on the plate next to it.

Each person rolled two dice - the number they rolled was the food they had to eat.  Some were good and some not so much.  The kids loved trying to guess what some of them were.  Here is the list of the 12 items I did - The diaper of death was #1 and couldn't be rolled unless they decided to roll just one dice.  

Here is the list of items I used

  1. Diaper of Death - Melted chocolate in a baby diaper
  2. Fly Guts - crushed pinapple
  3. Vampire Delight - strawberry jam
  4. Ghost Powder - powdered sugar
  5. Spew - Sweet Potato Baby Soup
  6. Pumpkin Brains - Buffalo sauce (or spicy barbecue sauce)
  7. Dirt - Cinnamon
  8. Bloody Sardine - Swedish Fish
  9. Pig Blood - Ketchup
  10. Bat Poop - Molasses
  11. Frankenstein guts - green olives
  12. Blood clots - chopped maraschino cherries.
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We had a great time! The kids spent a ton of time trying to figure out what the items were.... Happy Halloween!