Family History: FamilySearch Tip - Alternate Name

I spend quite a bit of time on family history.  Sunday is one of those days I get to spend more time on it than other days.  I work as a consultant during the week but usually get to help other people work on their family history.  Here is a small tip for the program FamilySearch that I was reminded of at a recent meeting.   Familysearch is a huge resource for records from all over the world.  It is always changing -- I have included screen shots from today in FamilySearch.

I have an ancestor from England I have found, her name is Nancy Metcalfe. 

Family History: FamilySearch Tip

 I have found her in several census records. I was surprised when I found her in one census record with her married name but the first name was Ann, not Nancy.  WHAT??? I know that this is her because of her husband and children and place of residence.  If you have another name for a person, a middle name that was used, or a nickname you can add it to FamilySearch and the searching of records will include this second name as well as the given name.  Go the section that says Other Information.  Click the Add button and the very first option of a long list is Alternate Name.

By clicking on Alternate Name you get the following screen.

Family History: FamilySearch Tip

When you click on the first box "Also Known As" you get options to choose from -fill in the info and the second name won't change any personal information on the individual but will add extra information for searching records.  

Family History: FamilySearch Tip

I hope this helps you find family records that might be in a more commonly used name than the person's given name!