Halloween Printable for Icebreaker Mints

I have a nephew at college - with a pretty cute girlfriend - and I thought Icebreakers in their minty goodness would be a great Halloween treat to give him.  I printed the mummy and pumpkin on sticker paper.  I love sticker paper for projects like these,  You can buy it in full sheet packages so you aren't limited to certain sizes which was important - I wanted to match the exact size of the icebreaker sticker.  You can buy it at Amazon as well... bop over to see what you are looking for if you haven't bought it before.

Next step - cut out the circle-- then cut the two single lines to where they end.  I kept these very light so they won't show up after you cut them.  Very important step so you can still get your mint.  This will allow the label to lift when opening to get your mint.

Center the space between the cut lines over the part that says "one" or "share" depending on the kind of icebreakers you bought. ( I thought the green packaging of icebreakers was cute for the pumpkin - -they are actually sour icebreakers.)   The other side will open with no problems.   Stick the super cute mummy or pumpkin on... easy peasy right?

I also made a blank back for both so you can write a note or "to/from" on them.  Download the designs by clicking the images below or they are on the Freebies Page. Be sure to print at 100 % on your printer so that the label is sized just right for your icebreaker package.