Free Halloween Topper...cookies from your mummy.

I love making treats this time of year!  I decided my son who is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints needed some homemade cookies.  I like to package cookies in empty Pringles cans.  It keeps them from getting smooshed.  I have found that the cookies need to be wrapped in plastic wrap first or they aren't moist when they arrive.  I thought it would be fun to start the season off with a "From your Mummy" cookie set.  One for him and one for his companion.  I wrapped the Pringles can in a sheet of black paper.  It wasn't quite long enough so I added a strip of orange at the bottom.  I secured the top edge with double stick adhesive and the taped up the seam after getting the paper nice and snug.  I then stacked three pieces of white tissue paper and cut them into random size strips.  I alternated wrapping the can with one piece of tissue paper and then one doubled up for a variety of texture on the mummy bandaging.  After 1 set of strips were wrapped I added goggly eyes with double sided adhesive again.  Then I continued to wrap the mummy leaving just enough room for the eyes.  The last piece was the round tag for the top that says "From your Mummy"!  Double stick adhesive works great here too but I pulled out my sticker paper, printed and slapped it on the top.  I hope he enjoys his package this week.

For versatility I added another label with a spot for you to write your own message.  These labels are sized for the regular Pringles can. You can see the free labels that I created on the Freebies Page or click on them below--right click to save the image that comes up in the new window.  Be sure to print at 100 percent on your printer to get them perfectly sized for the Pringles can.

from your companion's mummy halloween label
halloween blank pringle can label