Welcome to my space and place to create and share!  I am Catrina Jensen. I have 4 children, and 1 husband.  I have 2 passions - family and wake surfing.  I love washi tape, games, foodie explorations with my husband, and ribbon.

I love when I look to the sky on a cloudy day and the light breaks through and creates a moment that I pause and smile.  It is like most small moments-- a chance to cherish the everyday and how special it is.  

I design to create those same moments around me when I look at a print on my wall and think how grateful I am to live this life.  I have also found over the years of decorating for my home and others, that sometimes the perfect saying, thought, or picture doesn't work with my decor or project because the colors are all wrong.  I have designed prints that can be customized to your colors.   

I hope you find a moment to smile in my blog or shop.