Lego Snowglobes

Winter Activity....Gift... or Service project

Lego Snowglobe

Miniature scenes at Christmas are adorable and dreaming of snow seems to be universal.  So I helped a group of young women ages 14-16 make these snow globes as a service project for a local children's hospital.  What I love about this version of a snow globe is that the mini figures can be taken out and played with and put back in the if you are doing this with children or grandchildren you can use Lego minifigures you have at home and make various snow scenes.  Or you can purchase knock-off mini figures like I did from Amazon and make globes to give away.

1. Gather Supplies -

Mini figures - I purchased a 20 pack of minifigures for my project.

Bottle Brush Trees- I purchased a 2 size multipack from Micheals (with a discount coupon) but a pack is available on Amazon.

Tacky putty and red ribbon from where ever I am shopping at the moment.  

Silver bells from the Dollar Store.  

Mason Jars, and Sugar from my pantry. 


2. Stick a ball of putty for each mini figure or tree you have onto the lid of the mason jar.  Then press your minifigure/tree into the putty.  The sugar will cover this and I like to make a good size ball so that the tree and mini figure are just standing in the snow not drowning in it.

3. Add about a 1/4 of a cup of sugar to the jar.  You can use a variety of craft snow to make the snow globe even fancier but we were watching our costs and trying to make sure it was safe for children in the hospital who will open them to play with the Lego guy.

4. Screw the cap on. Tip upside down.  Wrap a ribbon and bell around the base if you wish.

When you open the globe to play with your mini figure just pull the putty off - wipe the sugar away- re work the putty into a new ball and restick your lego guy to put him back in the snow.

Thanksgiving Bundt Cake Pan

I collect bundt cake pans...I LOVE them...the ease with a single cake mix to create a dessert that looks special.  Frosting a bundt cake is also amazing....imperfection looks perfect.  I am looking at this pan for a Thanksgiving dessert this year.

Book of Mormon Advent Calendar

I can't believe that I am thinking and getting ready for Christmas...for those sending missionary packages to foreign lands Christmas is right around the corner.  Here is my favorite project from last year...  25 Book of Mormon scriptures about the Savior ready to be printed on paper or cardstock and slipped into cute envelopes, stockings, or rolled around a small treat for a countdown to Christmas.  You can get the files in the shop here or on Etsy.

Book of Mormon Advent Calendar

Book of Mormon Advent Calendar


It has been difficult to resume life in a time of having lost my Mom unexpectedly.  There is a fog in losing a loved one that makes normal things hard and good things just ok.  I know that with time it becomes better.  Thankfully my belief in the purpose of this life and the life to come help as well. I thought this video for Easter is a beautiful reminder of the celebration of the season and of what helps the pain when we are separated. 

There are also some darling prints for journaling the Easter season with your family free at Persnickety Prints.  Visit their blog to download for free.  Enjoy the coming weeks and the beautiful hope we have from the events that transpired over 2000 years ago.

Be Bold

I have to share that this month has been a tough one for our family - My mother was diagnosed with Leukemia on January 1st.  Sidenote-- Rough way to start the new year for my Mom.  The disease is aggressive and treatment started immediately -- I traveled to Seattle to spend some time helping at the hospital.  I am home but it's hard not to be able to help for now.  I will go back in a few weeks.  I needed something to smile about and this little phrase comes to me time and again and I thought I would share - I hope the space around you feels clean and fresh.  My Valentine decor will come out in a week or so but I like the simple clean feel right now to my home.  This printable matches my mood!

Family History GOOGLE Tip - AROUND command

This is a very little known Google Search tip but is immensely helpful to anyone doing Google search on a name!  When you put two words into Google the search returns can be with the two words anywhere on the website page.  When searching for a name like Mary Hillidge, I get millions of results with webpages that have Mary (the most common name in US history from 1890 to 1940) with Hillidge somewhere on the webpage.  I could get more specific and do a Google search with quotation marks forcing Google to search for "Mary HIllidge" the two words to be right next to each other.  Helpful and better - but best is this little trick.  If you type AROUND with a number in parenthesis then Google will give results that are far more significant.  This allows for Mary Hillidge with middle names, initials, or maiden names to come back in the search results.  I love this trick!  It looks likes this in the search box

Mary AROUND(3) Hillidge

No quotation marks - just be sure to capitalize the command AROUND -- you can change the number in the parenthesis to the number of words you would like in proximity.  Give it a try!  Good Google searching!! -- Catrina


January Letterhead and Notecard

Here is a little warm winter wish notecard and letterhead for January.  I hope that with the quiet of January that you can write a little note. I print my notecards on full sheet plain white card stock from Target or Walmart and then trim. The notecard has a small gray border so you can trim it away to size perfectly in a standard 5x7 envelope. -- Catrina

8.5x11 regular paper sized

5x7 Notecard

Print on card stock - Trim gray lines away for 5x7 notecard.

Print on card stock - Trim gray lines away for 5x7 notecard.

Heartfelt Valentine Idea

Valentine's Day is so adorably lovable - here is an idea for a meaningful valentine that is guaranteed to be kept and treasured!  Adorably small with fill-in-the-blank pages mean that you are giving a thoughtful valentine to someone special.   I bought this book for my husband and I love that there is one that is "What I love about Us" and  some for Mom, Dad , Sister, Bestie and why you are awesome and why you are super making it the perfect little valentine gift for anyone.

I bought my mini-book at a local bookstore but came home and found it on Amazon making it even easier to get and to fill-in the blanks before the holiday.  Click on the images for the products at Amazon.

Click to see at Amazon

Click to see at Amazon

Here is an example of the cute sentences you complete inside the book.

Lots of options  - Enjoy the process and love the giving -- Catrina

Why You're my Bestie

Why You're my Bestie

Happy New Year! Welcome 2016!

2016 intention

I enjoy the excitement of a new year - each year brings changes - growth and opportunities to improve.  I have to say that I love a word that is used in Yoga workouts - Intention.  Thanks to my fabulous yoga instructor we sometimes ponder our intent for that workout.  I have approached this coming year with a plan to have an intention for the year.  It is an overall feel to the direction I want my life to take and the goals that I make this year.  It's broader than specific goals but is mindful of something I want to accomplish or in someway be better.  What will your intention for 2016 be? 

Family History - Census Records Cheat Sheet

Finding a great grandparent of other family members on a census record can be so cool.  So much information on the original image can give you an inside glimpse into that person's life.  Often times you wonder what all of the columns mean across from your family member's name.  Here is a cheat sheet for the census records to tell you what each row means.  It's a fast reference and beats trying to scroll to the top of the image every time you wonder what you are looking at. 1790 to 1930 in two pages - pretty slick!! Feel free to download these references provided by

1790-1860 Census Headings - Click Image to download PDF

1790-1860 Census Headings - Click Image to download PDF

1870 to 1930 Headings on Census forms -click image to download PDF

1870 to 1930 Headings on Census forms -click image to download PDF

Tuesday Thought - Christmas Lights

Thoughts and inspiration on Tuesdays -- Here is this weeks in 2 versions. I absolutely loved this quote by Elder David Bednar an apostle for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  A reminder to reflect on our Savior as we enjoy the lights of the season.  Both pictures are from - as always thoughts and quotes are for personal use only.  Feel free to download by clicking on the image.

Christmas Cards!

I love this time of year and the mailbox with christmas cards coming our way.  I hate to admit but I am terribly behind this year and can't seem to get mine done -- mostly because our attempts at a family picture haven't turned out leaving me in a picture or bad pictures :)  While working on my problem this morning I found this awesome info graph from on Christmas cards.  I am easily distracted when working on a problem!  Have a look and see what you think of the Christmas card tradition. -- Catrina

MOO Christmas Cards

Meet Me under the Mistletoe - 1.00 for 2 variations - 4 sizes



This modern and classic printable is sized in 4 variations for your use - download immediately from my shop -- You get both versions for an introductory price of 1.00!  I love the 2x3 size that you can leave on a pillow or steering wheel or put in a scrapbook pocket.  8x10 is perfect for framing for the holidays and I have included 5x7 and 4x6 for everything in between.  Hurry this price is only good this week.  

Family History Tip - County History Books

In the late 1800's a burst of interest in documenting history and people began.  In many places this interest coincided with the nation's centennial celebration of 1876.  Last week we looked at finding old books that have been digitized and how to search for them.  Today we can find county histories and search them for information that can help break down brick walls.  Most county histories had two sections written - one gave the history of how the county began and evolved, the other section listed families that moved, settled, or lived in the county,  Often times where the family had come from was given with parent's names.  Some county histories were prolific in listing of families and some not,  It's worth looking in the area your family lived to see what you can learn.

Some great places to find county histories -- - it's crazy but this little know database has county and town history links sorted by state.

Google books (see my post on how to find google books)

FamilySearch Digitized Books.

Internet Archive

The county itself often has a historical society that has publications. Do an internet search for the county. You won't be disappointed at what you learn about the area your ancestors lived. ---Catrina